Just a relatively short roundup today, on a very quiet news day. Still, there’s always some good stuff:

1. Seth Masket makes an excellent point about those GOP candidates who failed to qualify for the Virginia ballot – it’s all part of the party deciding.

2. I suppose we can always use another good post on why a late-entry candidate (or a deadlocked convention) isn’t going to happen, since so many pundits have ignored it so far. So if you aren’t yet convinced, try Doug Mataconis for a little reality.

3. I wonder: Have a lot of Republican party actors pivoted too quickly from Newt-bashing to Paul-attacks? I don’t really think either has a plausible shot at the nomination, but I have to believe that Gingrich is more of a threat than the anti-war, anti-Israel, anti-torture libertarian. Example: David Frum takes apart Paul.

4. Andrew Sullivan walked back his Ron Paul endorsement.

5. Speaking of Newt: he’s going negative. Next step? Presumably, Newt attacks the press for daring to hold him responsible for going negative.

6. Against rhetoric: Jared Bernstein wants a general election debate about specifics, not generalities.

7. Seems to be a good day for the latest evidence on electronic devices and airplanes: Nick Bilton is on the case.

8. And you must be far more clever than me, or at least more patient, to have a go at Alex Massie’s Christmas quiz — but I recommend it anyway. Excellent fun.