* Unemployed to Washington: Remember us? Read of the morning: The National Journal makes a heroic effort to pierce the Beltway elite’s deficit bubble by quoting a single unemployed American telling his story at length. This won’t “drive the day,” but A for effort!

* Dems won’t let up on Ryan plan: Paul Krugman wants Dems to keep pressing the case that Paul Ryan’s proposal would in fact end Medicare: “The reality is that the Ryan plan is turning into a political disaster for Republicans, not because the plan’s critics are lying about it, but because they’re describing it accurately.”

What’s interesting is how unphased Dems are by the GOP charges that they’re demagoging the plan, or the claim by the likes of Politifact that they’re lying about it. Dem aides tell me they have no intention whatsoever of backing off their insistence that Ryancare would “end Medicare,” period, full stop.

* The re-emergence of Nancy Pelosi: The Hill identifies an interesting dynamic: It appears that Pelosi is getting much of the credit within the Dem caucus for the party’s strong stance on Medicare — and the resultant political gains.

But: Pelosi’s resurgence makes it more likely that Republicans will use her as a weapon in the Congressional elections, as they have for the last two cycles.

* John Boehner claims only Dems have cut Medicare, ctd: Ezra Klein, responding to Boehner from yesterday:

Someone should have told John Boehner that the Ryan budget includes the Affordable Care Act’s Medicare cuts.

* America hearts socialized medicine: Relatedly, Steve Benen, on the Republicans’ attacks on Dems from the left over Medicare: “They’re realizing that Americans love socialized medicine after all.”

* Dems keep trying to make Medicare central to 2012 presidential race: What to watch today: With Mitt Romney set to visit Iowa, Dems will try to get reporters to push Romney to take a stand on whether he supports the Ryan plan, as T-Paw did yesterday.

This is in keeping with the Dem strategy of making Medicare central to the presidential race at the outset by trying to force the GOP candidates to talk about it as much as possible.

* Friday comic relief: Palin versus Bachmann: Meme of the morning: Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, if they both run, will be vying for the same space and competing for the same voters. Here’s Bachmann on a conference call insisting to reporters that the two women aren’t “interchangeable.”

Meanwhile, Politico is leading with this: “Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann size each other up.” Which of these titans is more formidable?

* Dems pray Palin enters the race: Democrats think a Palin run would be a major boon to Obama’s reelection, because it would boost Dem fundraising and force the saner GOP candidates to say ever more insane and extreme things to keep pace.

* GOP establishment wants Palin to go away: From Mike Allen’s Playbook, Karl Rove ridicules Palin’s flirtation with a run for president, even as she’s doing nothing to lay the groundwork for one: “I don’t think she thinks the rules apply to her.”

It’s a reminder of the growing contempt for Palin among GOP elites, and their determination to stop her alleged candidacy in its tracks.

* Romney again haunted by his own past words:As Mitt weighs how aggressively to compete in Iowa, where he lost big last time around, he’ll have to answer for this quote from 2008: “If you can’t compete in Iowa in August .... how are you going to compete in November?”

* Dream ticket of the day: Huntsman-Bachmann 2012, because only Michelle Bachmann on the ticket will make Huntsman acceptable to the right-wing base.

* Anti-climate science pander of the day: Interesting stuff from Dave Weigel on why it’s a big deal that bold, blunt truth-teller Chris Christie has decided to pull New Jersey out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, winning him major props from the Tea Party.

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