* Nancy Pelosi to Obama: Don’t cave on Medicare benefits: The most important thing that happened in Obama’s private meeting with House Dems yesterday: Nancy Pelosi reportedly urged the President to understand that in the wake of NY-26, Dems must not give ground on Medicare benefits cuts .

Key context: Pelosi’s insistence that Dems not budge on Social Security was a key reason they won the 2005 privatization standoff, so if Dems again successfully use that playbook, she’ll deserve credit.

ICYMI: A top Dem pollster explains why Dems agree to Medicare benefits cuts at their peril.

* House Dems push Obama on Afghanistan: Also from the meeting: House Democrats demanded that Obama offer more clarity about the nature and scope of next month’s planned drawdown in troops, and came away unconvinced.

The Afghan war has been a bit of a sleeper issue in domestic terms, but it’ll be interesting to see if it ends up creating genuinely problematic consternation on Obama’s left.

* White House, Dems brace for bad jobs report: The May jobs numbers due out this morning are expected to be disappointing and could stand as a sign that the recovery isn’t enduring, which will deal a blow to Dem hopes that the economy — and their political fortunes on the jobs front — had embarked on a period of solid and sustained recovery.

* Jobs-related reality check of the day: Pollster Stan Greenberg warns Democrats: Voters do not perceive any change in the “real economy” of reduced wages and benefits. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that Dems are trapped in a “Beltway Deficit Feedback Loop” and aren’t talking or doing enough about jobs?

* Obama advisers wary of Mitt Romney as "turnaround artist”: After watching Romney’s kickoff speech yesterday, Obama advisers privately acknowledge that his new narrative as private sector magician who knows how to turn around ailing companies could have potential power in today’s environment.

* Flashback: Romney had no problem with Obama’s stimulus: The National Journal goes through the record and finds that Romney embraced the idea of stimulus spending and didn’t even object to Obama’s version of it — yet another position Romney is rapidly abandoning in order to make himself acceptable to 2012 GOP primary voters.

* What to watch: How will the White House respond to the House GOP’s resolution — expected to pass today — demanding that Obama either ask for Congressional authorization of the operation in Libya or disengage from it as quickly possible?

* Republicans think the problem with Ryancare is in the messaging: The Hill reports: House GOPers acknowledge that they are taking their lumps in the Medicare battle but think the problem is in the sales pitch and not in the product itself.

* John Edwards to be indicted today: First, take in the details of Edwards’ pending indictment for an allegedly illegal scheme to cover up his extra-marital affair, and then reflect on the fact that he continued trying to win the 2008 Dem nomination for president while it was all unfolding.

* Obama allies keep pushing back on right’s Israel falsehoods: Rahm Emanuel takes to the pages of the Post to vouch for Obama’s commitment to Israeli security, another sign that the conservative campaign to falsify his Israel stance — enabled by Dems — is forcing the White House to spend far more time than it would like setting the record straight.

* Wisconsin Dems searching for a challenger to Scott Walker: Some are pushing former Dem Rep. and liberal war horse Dave Obey to mount a recall challenge to Walker, which is unlikely given Obey’s age, but would be a race for the ages.

* Weiner’s constituents aren’t buying his underwear damage control: Voters in his district aren’t going for his claim that he doesn’t know whether the underwear bulge is his.

Key takeaway: No one would really care if it were his underwear bulge, but Weiner’s claim of uncertainty is creating more problems for him than it’s solving.

* A Weinergate theory: Jonathan Capehart speculates: He took the photo to let his traveling wife know how much he misses her, but didn’t send it to the woman in question.

* 2012 huckerism of the day: Millions of Americans grind their teeth in suspense as Rudy Giuliani says he won’t make a decision about running for president until late summer.

Oh, please. Rudy’s 9/11 magic carpet crashed and burned in spectacular fashion last time around. He just isn’t going to take it for another spin.

* And Palin spews falsehoods about Obama and debt: As Post fact checker Glenn Kessler notes, two core claims by Sarah Palin about debt and stimulus spending under Obama are complete and utter falsehoods.

But who cares — she’s a rock star and she has a really shiny bus!

What else is happening?