* Paul Krugman: Mitt Romney’s dishonesty is finally catching up to him, he may be in serious trouble, and (unlike the Kenyan Muslim Marxist) is very close to being defined as a genuine “other.”

* But even if Mitt is struggling with Bain, Obama has his own problems: Post polling shows a plurality of Americans, and independents, see his Big Government views as a reason to oppose him.

* Amy Walter on why the depth of dissatisfaction among independents with Obama is a very real threat to his reelection, and on why enthusiasm among the Dem base may be the only way to offset it.

* The DCCC circulates a memo claiming Dems have won the health care debate, and agree or not, it’s clear Dems really do think health care politics are finally shifting their way and will remain on offense.

* NRCC chief Pete Sessions goes off message on Romney’s Bain years and money: “His personal finances, the way he does things, his record, are fair game.”

So, not a “distraction,” then? Also:

Sessions declined to specify what level of detail or how many years worth of tax records Romney should release, but called it a “legitimate question.”

As noted below, it wouldn’t be surprising if more Romney backers begin expressing discomfort with the lack of clarity about his departure from Bain and his finances in the days ahead.

* But a senior Romney strategist says Republicans worried about the Bain attacks are “bed-wetters,” and insists the campaign has a plan and won’t be knocked off stride by them.

* As Jed Lewison notes, the Romney camp’s problem is they have to argue that “the buck doesn’t stop with Mitt,” which is far more comprehensible to voters (not in a good way) than the fog of denials.

* Dylan Byers scoops: The editor of the Boston Globe emails Romney aides and tells them the paper will not agree to their request for a correction.

* Romney, in 1994 against Ted Kennedy: “The blind trust is an age-old ruse.”

* Good David Dayen piece on a California union busting initiative that is the next step, post-Wisconsin, in the right’s national drive to “permanently alter the power relationship between labor and capital.”

* Ed Kilgore marvels at the Romney campaign’s new line is that Obama is the really big liar in this race, and digs into what it’s really designed to accomplish.

* And good stuff from Jay Rosen: What if the Romney team is deliberately running a “post truth campaign” in the belief that they have a good shot at getting away with it? We’ll soon find out if they can.

What else?