Gallup finds:

By a significant margin, Massachusetts -- where state law requires all adult residents to have health insurance -- continues to have the lowest percentage of uninsured residents, at 4.7%.

In some circles, this would count as an achievement. But until Mitt Romney apologizes for and completely repudiates the policy innovation that helped make it possible, he’ll continue to be widely regarded as a non-starter for the 2012 GOP nomination.

People forget this, but Romneycare was initially supposed to be one of Mitt’s tickets to national office. Of course, that was before Obama passed a plan containing the individual mandate, leading many conservatives to decide that the mandate is the greatest threat to American liberty since King George the Third. Now what was originally one of Romney’s greatest accomplishments is suddenly one of his greatest liabilities, and Romney needs to figure out how to explain the fact that thanks to his leadership, the state he presided over now ranks lowest in the nation in the rate of the uninsured.

At a certain point all you can do is marvel at how topsy turvy the debate has become.