This is just perfect:

Media mogul Donald Trump will moderate a Republican presidential debate sponsored by the conservative website Newsmax in Des Moines, Iowa on Dec. 27, Newsmax confirmed today.

“We approached Donald Trump,” executive director Steve Coz told The Fix. “He is a well-known and vocal conservative, and we thought it was a great partnership.”

Trump adviser Michael Cohen confirmed his participation.

This is an absolutely terrific idea. What better way to build confidence in the GOP primary process, and to reinforce the gravtias of candidates who are aspiring to be seen as prepared for the presidency, then to submit them to questioning from a reality-TV star whose appeal to conservatives is rooted in the fact that he spent his own short-lived freak-show presidential campaign questioning Obama’s citizenship, right up until the killing of Bin Laden wiped the smug, megalomaniacal grin off his face?

In all seriousness, this guy is a showman. It’s all about the show. There’s no telling what he’ll say or do or ask. This won’t end well. You’ll see.

In other news that will inspire still more confidence in the GOP candidates, Rick Perry released an ad today all about his faith. In it, Perry says: “Some liberals say that faith is a sign of weakness.”

Outrage! Fury! Liberals, to the battlefield! Shine the spotlight on this man — he's the scourge of liberals everywhere! Remind all the conservatives who have already written him off for dead just how much liberals loathe the prospect of a Perry presidency!

It’s been quite a week for the GOP presidential field, hasn’t it?