1. Colorado Senator Michael Bennet will chair the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee for this election cycle, with Executive Director Guy Cecil staying on after a very successful 2012 election for Senate Democrats.

2. And a scoop from the Ryan Grim: As many liberals have requested, it appears that Elizabeth Warren will secure a seat on the Senate Banking Committee.

3. The GOP sunk the treaty on people with disabilities today despite the last-minute appearance of Bob Dole on the Senate floor to urge them to pass it. Would today’s GOP have passed the Americans with Disabilities Act?

4. Speaking of which, will Republicans continue to block the renewal of the Violence Against Women Act? Why it’s critical, from Claire McCormack.

5. Brutal: Eric Wimple on Fox, Ailes, and Petraeus.

6. Suzy Khimm with an optimistic interpretation of yesterday’s House Republican offer on the fiscal cliff. I think that’s reasonable; as I said yesterday, the whole question is whether the revenues they committed to are real or not. Doesn’t mean that they’re close to a deal, but it could mean they’re close to real negotiations.

7. On the other hand … be sure to read Robert Greenstein’s analysis of the GOP offer. “House Republican leaders portray the deficit-reduction offer that they issued yesterday as a fair middle ground. It isn’t.”

8. While Ezra Klein reminds everyone about what’s actually in Simpson-Bowles – which accounts for why Republicans always urge Barack Obama to back it but won’t go near it themselves.

9. And some excellent fiscal cliff advice from Tim Fernholz.

10. The Center for American Progress lays out a liberal tax reform proposal.

11. Will a fiscal cliff deal be easier in January? Matt Yglesias continues to push that argument.

12. See also Jonathan Chait, who notes that some Republicans are coming to terms with the idea that tax increases won’t automatically shut down the economy.

13. Tom Udall penned an op-ed supporting filibuster reform.

14. Excellent E.J. Graff post on, well, having babies – and public policy.

15. You don’t want to miss Ta-Nehisi Coates on Jefferson.

16. And a good one from Chris Cillizza: “Whither the tea party?”