J. Scott Applewhite/AP

1. Did you know that Republicans may be taking apart the House ethics process? Ed O’Keefe has the story. Recall that the current process was installed after…ethics problems the last time Republicans ran the House.

2. Really good one from Jonathan Chait: Republicans may fail to put forward specific spending cuts because there aren’t any cuts that they would agree with – and they don’t realize it.

3. Read that one with Josh Barro’s takedown of Ted Cruz’s recent “policy” speech.

4. And by the way: looking for ways to actually cut spending? See Laura Gottesdiener on some of the ways the Pentagon spends money.

5. Tax certainty? No such thing no matter what, Timothy Noah points out.

6. The progressive group CREDO Action is collecting signatures on a petition warning Dems against raising the Medicare eligibility age, the latest sign that if Obama takes that step, it could trigger a liberal revolt.

7. See also the MoveOn count of which Senators oppose that change.

8. And Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders pushed hard against Barack Obama over the Medicare age.

9. Meanwhile, the Yes, Minister explanation of why so many people want to increase the Medicare age limit despite seemingly negligible policy reasons for doing so, from Paul Krugman.

10. Jared Bernstein on the GOP plan for brinksmanship with the debt limit: “Deciding not to pay for the meal when you’re tucking into the dessert course doesn’t go down well with most of us.”

11. How the Supreme Court Affordable Care Act decision is saving Medicaid now, from Sarah Kliff.

12. John Sides explains what the political science findings on gerrymanders mean – and what they don’t mean.

13. PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year? Mitt Romney gets it, for the Jeeps-to-China nonsense.

14. The argument for partisan election administration officials, from Abby Rapoport.

15. And Kevin Drum notes that tonight at midnight there’s a new government regulation taking effect – one that will prevent overly loud ads on your TV.