* Via Taegan Goddard, a hopeful note from Todd Purdum:

I can’t help wondering if the bullets of Sandy Hook Elementary will be for Obama what the snarling dogs and high-pressure fire hoses of Birmingham, Alabama, were for John F. Kennedy in 1963: the human tragedy that will force him to take a political risk, simply because it is right.

 Also note the similarities between JFK’s rhetoric on the eve of action on civil rights, and Barack Obama’s the other day in Connecticut — both stress the immorality of inaction.

* This is ominous: Ezra Klein reports that House Republicans are interpreting Obama’s latest fiscal offer as a sign of weakness, as a sign that he’ll make more concessions rather than go over the cliff, and are insisting John Boehner act accordingly.

* Interesting: A GOPer tells NBC’s Luke Russert that 25-30 House Republicans actively oppose Boehner’s “Plan B” tax hike only on $1 million and up, which means it’s not inconceivable it might not pass the House. Now that would be an unpleasant outcome for the Speaker, with moments to go before we go over the cliff.

* CBS poll: 69 percent of Americans, and 51 percent of Republicans, support tax hikes on those over $250,000. And yet here we are, debating over whether they should go up on those over $400,000, or over $1 million.

* Good stuff from Adam Liptak: Recent Supreme Court precedent does not conflict with many of the gun control ideas currently circulating in the wake of the Newtown massacre.

* The NRA breaks its silence: It vows “meaningful contributions” to ensuring that such a massacre never happens again, and it will hold a press conference Friday. The Friday before Christmas.

* As Harry Enten details, the NRA is following a playbook that works: Quietly stalling while the horrific headlines fade, and the public loses interest, which always does happen. The trick is to make this the exception.

* Signs of the signs: A sixth grader in Utah is in custody after bringing a gun to school to protect himself against shootings like that in Newtown. (It turns out that earlier reports claiming the parents put him up to it are inaccurate.)

* It’s not just kids, either: As Steve Benen notes, senior Republicans really think the answer is more guns in schools, and these are officials in positions of real responsibility and influence.

* It’s even taking the form of legislation! Governor Rick Snyder vetoes a Michigan bill that would have allowed people with extra training to pack heat in schools, which is good, though it doesn’t appear to have been a reaction to the shooting.

* And I’d missed this one from the fever swamps: “Concussiongate.”

What else?