1. Barack Obama’s most recent fiscal cliff offer? It’s not far from Simpson-Bowles, except with far less revenue. Michael Linden has the numbers.

2. Robert Kuttner on chained CPI.

3. Robert Greenstein responds on chained CPI.

4. And a nice one from Joan McCarter on “The fallacy of protecting the ‘most vulnerable’ from Social Security cuts.

Scott Brown (Melina Mara/The Washington Post)

5. Interesting. Defeated Senator Scott Brown, who might be interested in a future statewide run in Massachusetts, has flipped on federal restrictions on assault weapons and now favors legislation.

6. A nice profile of gun advocate John Lott, from Molly Redden.

7. Nicholas Beaudrot looks into what Australia did about guns.

8. Political scientist Bryan Jones thinks there’s reason to believe that gun control legislation may be possible. I’m more skeptical than he is, but he has research which speaks to the question.

9. Important: New evidence about diversity in top colleges, and what can be done about it. Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wohlers on the latest research.

10. The folks at Crooked Timber write in defense of blogger Erik Loomis, who is being attacked (and not just in print; they’re going after his job) because he used slightly harsh language about the NRA.

11. Yup, the fundamentals really did predict a Barack Obama win in 2012. Jamelle Bouie explains.

12. I agree with Samuel Knight: Obama should really hold more press conferences.

13. And Jeffrey Toobin on Robert Bork