Merry Christmas to all those celebrating the holiday; for the rest of us, well, it’s also Rickey Henderson’s birthday tomorrow.  Here’s a little of the good stuff to tide you over:

1. Anyone who already compiled their “best newspaper articles of 2012” list needs to go back and make room for Jason DeParle on how higher education divides Americans and reinforces the income gap. Next question: What are the policy solutions to the problem illustrated so well here?

2. Jared Bernstein brings us four economic ideas which caused trouble in 2012.

3. Does Barack Obama buy into nonsense economics? Matt Yglesias considers the possibilities.

4. While Paul Krugman makes the general case for the incoherence of Greece analogies.

5. Nice post by Ed Kilgore placing movement-conservative gun policy in the context of other movement-conservative policy ideas.

6. Is the NRA out of step with…gun owners? John Sides has the polling data.

7. While Ta-Nehisi Coates thinks through guns and irrational fears.

8. Steven Taylor points out that governing requires compromise.

9. Now that almost all of the votes have been counted – finally – Mark Blumenthal looks back at how the public pollsters did.

10. A profile of new South Carolina Senator-to-be Tim Scott, by Eliza Gray. Interesting.

11. Do people think that Santa Claus is a partisan? Yup, there are polling results, and Will Jennings has them.

12. And Joe Hagan joins a National Review post-election cruise.