The Treasury Department issued a warning today about the debt limit that’s receiving a fair amount of attention. Don’t worry: there’s no real news here; this is exactly what was programmed in from way back in the summer 2011 debt-limit showdown, and the real drop-dead date on the debt limit is still a couple of months away.

Also in the news this evening: Stay tuned for a likely appointment from Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie of the new senator to replace Daniel Inouye. 

Meanwhile, I have some good stuff for you:

1. The “chained CPI” question is actually a fairly complex one. It’s not really just about cutting vs. not cutting, but it is about that, too. Jared Bernstein has a nice post that navigates you through it.

2. Norm Ornstein thinks House Republicans might possibly solve their problems by turning to an outsider for House speaker if John Boehner is tossed out.

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

3. But as much as I usually agree with Ornstein, I think on this one James Joyner gets it right: A House Republican conference that could agree on Jon Hunstman or Mitch Daniels as speaker would be one that didn’t have the problem in the first place.

4. Still, Boehner may not be safe, as Adele Stan reports.

5. I think Matt Yglesias is exactly right about why Boehner’s new bid for the Senate to go first on a fiscal cliff deal is a terrible idea for Barack Obama and the Democrats.

6. While Stan Collender surveys the available remaining options before January 1.

7. How health care will change in 2013, from Sarah Kliff.

8. Abby Rapoport looks back on the year in state legislatures on key issues.   

9. Andrew Sprung is not happy at all about how the gun lobby interferes with basic governing.

10. A discussion of guns between Ta-Nehisi Coates and Jeffrey Goldberg.

11. And it’s not too late to try Alex Massie’s Christmas Quiz about the events of the year and other stuff. Warning: both knowledge and cleverness are required.