1. The cliff is important, but so is filibuster reform. Paul Kane and Ed O’Keefe explain the McCain-Levin bipartisan reform proposal.

2. Ezra Klein on McCain-Levin: “If you think the Senate is pretty much working well as is … then this is the proposal for you.”

3. Congressional scholar Steve Smith: “On balance, at least on first impression, this looks like a better deal for the minority Republicans than for the majority Democrats.”

4. And congressional scholar Sarah Binder: “Incremental procedural change is all a polarized Senate will agree to if Democrats are skittish about going nuclear.”

5. Senate reformers are, not surprisingly, not happy at all with the offer, as Sahil Kapur reports.

6. I’m less negative about the proposal than some seem to be, perhaps because I’m also don’t think that Senate reformers are on the right path, either.

7. Does Tom Udall have 51 votes lined up anyway? That’s what he says, Alexander Bolton reports.

8. Matthew Duss on neocons vs. Hagel.

9. Harry Enten on polarization and partisanship.

10. How liberals used “dark money” to try to steal the Montana Senate race; great reporting by Kim Barker.

11. Democrats are moving quickly to coalesce behind Ed Markey for John Kerry’s Senate seat, as Rachel Weiner reports.

12. And Wonkblog’s “Wonky” awards.