Happy Cliff Year, everyone! Unless something changes, and very quickly, it appears that we’re going over, at least for a little while. Don’t worry; if there really is a deal, it’s not going to matter at all whether it was voted on and signed today, tomorrow, Wednesday or Thursday. 

(Susan Walsh/Associated Press)

1. Start with the latest about Hillary Clinton: The secretary of state appears to be headed for a full recovery, her doctors say.

2. Okay, fine, I’ll include fiscal cliff links. I like Molly Ball’s guide to the cliff — what you need to know before ignoring it tonight.

3. If you want more detail, however, Jonathan Cohn (before today’s developments) had an excellent rundown of all the possible issues at play. Extremely useful.

4. The latest: Robert Costa reports that things still look on track in the Senate.

5. Meanwhile, Jared Bernstein evaluates the probably-deal.

 6. E. J. Graff looks back at 2012 and the “war on women.”

7. Ann Friedman looks at the idea that 2012 was a “year of the woman.”

8. The year in SCOTUS, from Scott Lemiuex.

9. Oh, and speaking of 2012 … remember that presidential election? New York finally finished counting its votes today, which leaves only Hawaii to certify its totals. Unless there are late changes, Barack Obama won by just shy of 5 million votes, and by 3.85 percent of the vote.

10. No, Obama’s early ads didn’t doom Mitt Romney. John Sides explains.

11. And if you’ve sobered up tomorrow and are looking for a good reading list on international political economy, check out Dan Drezner’s “Albies” awards.

It’s certainly possible there will still be a vote on the debt tonight, at least in the Senate, and it’s even possible the House would follow. But for now: Please stay safe tonight, and Happy Cliff Year to everyone.