1. Do you know about the platinum coin? You’re going to need to know about the platinum coin and the debt limit. Josh Barro thinks the president should commit to it.

2. I like this Steve Benen post about exactly what Republicans are demanding – and threatening – over sequestration and the debt limit.

3. James Downie on the House Republican decision to let the Violence Against Women Act expire.

4. Affordable Care Act implementation will be one of the biggest, and probably most undercovered, stories of 2013. An interesting piece of the puzzle today: Utah agrees to comply with the ACA. Sarah Kliff reports.

5. Update on today’s progress, or lack thereof, on Senate reform. By Niels Lesniewski and Humberto Sanchez.

6. Jamelle Bouie had a nice one today: “As far as domestic policy is concerned, Obama’s biggest blemish remains the ongoing tragedy of mass unemployment.” Not, that is, the budget deficit.

7. Could Republican Muslim-bashing be fading? Tim Murphy and Adam Serwer make the case.

8. Most House Republicans didn’t want to defeat the fiscal cliff bill; they just wanted to vote against it. I totally agree with David Karol and Frances Lee.

9. And speaking of that: It’s “House Republicans.” Not “Congress.” Joe Weisenthal is exactly correct about that.

10. Oh, and those moderate and reasonable Republicans (and, the truth is, there are plenty of Republicans who have only contempt for the True Believers)? They’re at fault, too, as Alex Pareene points out.

11. The case for fiscal cliff optimism, from Jill Lawrence.

12. Polarization is not caused by gerrymandering. Really. I know everyone loves to pick on gerrymandering, but it just isn’t the case. Harry Enten reviews the evidence.

13. Which new member of the House was a punk rocker?

14. And I was a Senate staffer in the 1980s, not all that long ago, really, when there were all of two women in the Senate. Now there are 20