1. Scott Lemieux joins the #MintTheCoin discussion and argues that whatever it’s other merits, the trillion dollar platinum coin is absolutely legal.

2. Here’s an organized effort to pressure Congress for a new assault weapon ban. Key question right now: can gun safety remain high on the agenda well into the new year?

3. Not all the action will be from Congress: the Hill’s Amie Parnes reports on the prospects for executive orders on gun violence.

4. Affordable Care Act repeal is, predictably, fading as an issue for House Republicans, as Dave Weigel points out. It’s going to remain as a rhetorical point for at least another year, and implementation foul-ups are going to get plenty of publicity over the next year (as they should!), but perhaps we’ll soon get to the point where needed legislative tweaks become politically possible.

5. And today’s big health care news: New Mexico Republican Governor Susana Martinez opts for Medicaid expansion.

6. Other health care news: why false “death panel” ideas won’t die. Sarah Kliff reports on new research from Brendan Nyhan and others.

7. Interesting point from Ezra Klein: Barack Obama has been turning inward on personnel matters, and that could be a problem. Especially on economic issues.

8. “[T]he extent to which much of the GOP has retreated into a coccoon of permanent self-delusion.” Alex Massie on GOP opposition to Chuck Hagel, and the “quiet realism and pragmatism” of Obama’s foreign policy.

9. About Richard Nixon, who was born 100 years ago today: Ed Kilgore is right that Nixon’s policy agenda has entirely disappeared from the current GOP, but his cultural resentments live on.

10. Great story of how newspapers once were: the Los Angeles Times and the beginning of Nixon’s career, by Jeffrey Frank. 

11. I tossed in a post about Nixon, with links to more.

12. And is Greg really master of the financial markets? I’m a bit skeptical, but who knows? Apparently, the theory is out there, and Joe Weisenthal has the story. Disregard at your own risk.