1. Important point to remember about the debt limit and other showdowns, from Brendan Nyhan: Lawmakers may be bluffing. Public statements – including those delivered to reporters without a name attached – are part of the negotiation.

2. Economists think that the debt limit is stupid.

3. Robert Spitzer argues that gun-violence legislation is possible – and he has some priorities for what should pass.

4. How close are Marco Rubio and Barack Obama on immigration? Adam Serwer has all the details. Interesting.

5. Arizona’s Jan Brewer is the third Republican governor to accept Medicaid expansion, as John Celock and Jeffrey Young report.

6. While it might not be a big surprise, Jonathan Cohn reports that the levels of misinformation about Medicaid expansion, and the Affordable Care Act in general, remain staggering.

7. Meanwhile, one part of the ACA was killed off in the fiscal cliff deal. Sarah Kliff reports on the outcome.

8. Where’s the long-overdue administration action on mental health? Congress is asking. Kyle Cheney has the story.

9. The outlook in 2014 for two key Democratic senators, Mark Pryor and Mary Landrieu, from Roll Call’s Joshua Miller.

10. Sean Sullivan has the potential Democratic candidates for West Virginia’s open Senate seat, another key Republican pickup opportunity.

11. In the Virginia governor’s contest, is it possible for everyone to lose? That’s the question Stuart Rothenberg suggests.

12. The latest on marriage in the states, from Abby Rapoport.

13. And a fun one from Abby Livingston about new members of Congress and…softball.