Some very sad news. As many of you already know, the Plum Line community lost one of its most cherished longtime contributors when Emily Meier finally lost her lengthy battle with cancer on Friday.

Emily posted here under the name “All But Certain.” I always felt that her handle perfectly captured her quiet intelligence and seriousness of purpose, as well as a determination to get it right that was always tempered by a sense of modesty and self deprecation that never allowed her to stray into overconfidence. She was one of the earliest arrivals to the site, and I deeply appreciated her contributions — as well as our lengthy email exchanges, which were invariably stimulating and thought provoking — over the years. She will be missed.

I asked another longtime contributor, lmisnca, to share a few thoughts about Emily’s passing:

In many ways, Emily was just as ordinary as the rest of us in her enthusiasm to discuss politics and policy.  She proudly called herself a political junkie, a left-leaning one at that.  But in other ways she was quite extraordinary.  You could always count on Emily to express her opinion with words that effortlessly conveyed her meaning, substantiated her opinion and were carefully chosen to make an essential point in a very gracious way.  She simply loved the written word.

In addition to being a self-described “political junkie”, Emily was also an award winning author and poet.  Her novel, “Suite Harmonic,” brilliantly describes the Civil War through the eyes of a young soldier fighting in the Union Army.  It turns out the story is based on an archive of family letters and other documents and years of research.  As such, while the novel portrays a very realistic history of the War, it also creates for the reader a surprising and rich emotional connection to the real men and women who are the characters in her novel, her family.

The last few years of her life were devoted to publishing her body of work and leaving a lasting legacy for her family and friends. She will be missed by those of us here who were lucky enough to get to know her a little.  If you’re interested in reading more about Emily and her books please visit her website.

Emily’s obituary is here. Our condolences go out to Emily’s friends, loved ones, and family.