1. Excellent article about Republicans in the “Vote No/Hope Yes Caucus,” by Ashley Parker.

2. Really good point from Ed Kilgore about Republican factions: There really is no such thing as a “moderate” Republican in Congress these days. I agree: There is a split over pragmatic tactics, but it’s entirely a conversation among radical conservatives, not between conservatives and moderates.

3. On the debt limit, Annie Lowrey goes deep on what would actually happen if the government can’t borrow any more.

4. Jobs numbers are looking better. Steve Benen has the invaluable chart.

5. Ezra Klein sees a way that the bulk of President Obama’s gun violence legislation could actually pass.

6. While I looked at guns, Obama and “separated institutions sharing powers.”

7. The next steps on climate and why health care survived while climate legislation didn’t, from Kevin Drum.

8. Conor Friedersdorf writes against the “second-class non-citizenship” of a guest-worker program as part of comprehensive immigration reform.

9. A fun take-down of the WSJ’s tax craziness by Nicholas Beaudrot.

10. I continue to think that it ain’t gonna happen, but Erik Loomis is right to be outraged by the GOP plot to rig presidential elections.

11. An always-important reminder from David Roberts: “One problem: basic climate literacy puts a political reporter on one ‘side’ of a political dispute. Truth vs. ‘objectivity.’ ”

12. John Sides looks at the numbers on trust in government.

13. And “The Decline of the ‘Couch Caucus,’ ” by Chelsea Kiene and Emma Roller.