1. I’ll start with an important issue that doesn’t receive enough attention: how difficult it is to vote in the United States. The Brennan Center not only wants to do something about it, it also has a plan, called “How To Fix Long Lines.”

2. Rich Perlstein hears arguments about Democratic demographic inevitability and remembers that he’s heard them before. Decades ago.

3. Very good news for the Affordable Care Act (and moderate-income people who need insurance): Ohio Gov. John Kasich becomes the fifth Republican to accept the ACA’s Medicaid expansion. A good sign that eventually the expansion will be accepted by everyone, even though the Supreme Court made it optional. Jeffrey Young reports.

4. The Affordable Care Act contraception lawsuits explained, by Sarah Kliff.

5. More on the ACA and contraception from Kevin Drum.

6. John McCain says that he’ll oppose a filibuster of Chuck Hagel, and also oppose his confirmation. If true, it means that Hagel is safe — Republicans probably won’t bother forcing a cloture vote if McCain would vote for cloture and it will get 60 votes. Manu Raju has the story.

7. Peter Ubertaccio: “MassGOP failed to produce serious #MaSen candidates in 2000, 2002, 2006, 2008. Their current difficulties ought not to surprise.”

8. Conor Friedersdorf on liberal bias, Barack Obama and the conservative press.

9. See also James Joyner, “Conservative Media Its Own Worst Enemy.”

10. All the numbers about 2012 turnout, from Michael McDonald.

11. Nullification, from Jamelle Bouie.

12. And Alyssa Rosenberg watches conservatives freak out from the Super Bowl halftime show.