1. Chuck Hagel was confirmed this afternoon for Secretary of Defense. Four Republicans joined with every Democrat on the final vote, after 71 Senators voted to defeat the filibuster against Hagel earlier today.

2. Yes, it was a filibuster. Because (among other things) a 60-vote Senate means they’re all filibusters.

3. And yes, reporters should call it a filibuster, as Kevin Drum says. The good news is that it looks as if leading news organizations are ignoring implausible GOP claims that there was no filibuster.

4, Meanwhile, Dan Amira notes that some pundits missed the boat on Hagel.

5. Related, from Matt Yglesias: “BREAKING: 2016 campaign will feature speculation about GOP making inroads with Jews followed by Jews voting for the Democrat.”

6. On to the sequester: CBPP’s Sharron Parrott on the very real effects of sequestration.

7. One possible example is air travel delays, reports Tim Fernholz.

8. See also a good post on sequestration details from Jared Bernstein.

9. Sarah Binder on the Republican budget strategy: “I suspect the GOP strategy seems inscrutable because we are overestimating the degree of consensus within (and between) the House and Senate Republican conferences.

10. Ben Bernanke, truth-teller to Republicans. John Cassidy on the Fed Chair’s trip to the Hill.

11. Do you want to see more debates during the next presidential nomination cycle? Republican leaders don’t, but Josh Putnam explains why they may not get their way.

12. Public opinion tends to move against the incumbent president on things such as government spending; John Cluverius has the data.

13. And Paul Glastris on Nelson Rockefeller’s biggest secret.