I’ll start with a little news: the Senate just voted to confirm new Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew by a 71-26 margin. No cloture vote demanded!  And now to the good stuff:

1. Today’s must-read: Marin Cogin on reporting-while-female. Seriously, if you ever talk to reporters (and, for that matter, if you don’t) please read this item and take a good, long, look in the mirror and think about whether that’s you, and if so what you should do about it.

2. Vice President Joe Biden took aim at the NRA and potential GOP obstruction in the Senate on background checks, Reid Epstein reports. As Greg has reported, there’s bipartisan agreement on this key proposal, but it still could be blocked by a Senate minority.

3. Adam Serwer has a good report on the Supreme Court and the Voting Rights Act.

4. See also Lyle Denniston on today’s proceedings at the Court.

7. Oh, and those flight delays the administration has warned about? Mostly true, says PolitiFact.

8. A good argument from Matt Yglesias: Sequestration scolds asking Barack Obama to “do something” should actually be focusing their efforts on Speaker John Boehner, who actually has the responsibility within the US political system of doing something.

10. More: partisan attitudes towards budget deficits over time. Might surprise you. By Michael Tesler.

11. The wealth gap between black and white Americans — Jamelle Bouie on an important and overlooked topic.

13. At any rate, Conor Friedersdorf documents, from the Chuck Hagel fight, just how much such a movement is needed.

14. Oh, and a great Ana Marie Cox piece on “the Breitbart bratpack.”

15. “5 False Assumption Political Pundits Make All the Time.” Molly Ball reads political scientist Mo Fiorina.

16. More on Affordable Care Act implementation: turf wars. From Sarah Kliff.

17. And an excellent idea from Kevin Drum: drop the bureaucratic nonsense and just welcome smart foreigners who want to live in the United States.