1. No, Barack Obama didn’t cry wolf on sequestration — Jamelle Bouie looks back at exactly what the president said.

2. Today was a big day in filibusters. Here’s Steve Benen on why Senate reformers are saying, “Told you so.” 

3. Ezra Klein on how today makes sloppy Senate reform more likely.

4. I said the same thing, except that I cited “The Maltese Falcon”.

5. Rand Paul is talking.

6. I think the GOP talking point about the Senate and budget resolutions is silly, but I agree with Stan Collender that “It’s not acceptable that at least some form of the president’s budget wasn’t available close to the statutory deadline.”

7. Nice from Kevin Drum on the budget and the Beltway:

Republicans have very decidedly not agreed to any kind of tax reform that raises federal revenues. This is the whole crux of the debate. They have never agreed to anything other than revenue-neutral tax reform.

8. Steve Kornacki thinks all the way back to November and tries to fit the budget debate together with the election results.

9. Jared Bernstein on deficits and growth.

10. Jeb Bush’s tough week continues; Ed Kilgore is not sympathetic.

11. Adam Serwer on the today’s drone fight — the Rand Paul filibuster and Eric Holder’s trip to the Hill.

12. And Jonathan Chait on “The Fox News-iest Segment in Fox News History.”