* Jill Lawrence gets this right: It’s easy to scoff about the canceled White House tours, but what really matters are those coming job losses, and, yes, this should matter to Republicans, too.

* Good post by Jed Lewison: Even as Republicans complain about the canceled tours, the Army is suspending its tuition assistance program.

* Ed Kilgore on the ugly side of Rand Paul’s filibuster, and what it means for the GOP that many Republicans are cheerfully following Paul into his John-Birchite ideological wilderness.

* Philip Klein confirms it: Paul Ryan’s forthcoming budget will keep the $700 billion in Medicare savings from Obamacare that Ryan and Mitt Romney spent months attacking on the stump.

* Meanwhile, GOP Senators are threatening to withhold support from the government funding bill unless it also defunds Obamacare. Steve Benen has the latest on Marco Rubio’s lurch to the right of the House GOP.

* Kevin Drum has an extensive response to my post from earlier today in which he argues the GOP will never buckle on new revenues. I agree it’s hard to imagine, but I’m not prepared to rule out the possibility, given the uniqueness of the situation.

* With Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg gaining notoriety for her campaign urging women to “lean in” to work harder, Jody Greenstone Miller has an interesting rebuttal: The problem for women is not lack of drive, but the unwillingness of companies to be flexible about the difficulties women have in making unbalanced, impossible time commitments. Miller is putting this ethic into action as a CEO and entrepreneur herself.

This was particularly pleasing to our ears: Break away from the arbitrary notion that high-level work can be done only by people who work 10 or more hours a day, five or more days a week, 12 months a year. Why not just three days a week, or six hours a day, or 10 months a year?”

* Jonathan Rausch on five myths about gay marriage.

* Jennifer Rubin flags another key polling number on marriage equality: A majority of young Republicans supports legalizing it in their states. Another sign a big generational shift is underway.

* Ian Millhiser is worried, noting that it’s ominous that Justice Anthony Kennedy is suddenly advocating for judicial restraint just when the SCOTUS justices are gearing up to hear cases on gay marriage.

* Suzy Khimm tries to get to the bottom of that massive release of illegal immigrants that fired up the right.

* Mark Blumenthal does an extremely deep dive into the reasons Gallup botched the presidential election. Note the point that Gallup can only restore its reputation if its self review is conducted with transparency and seriousness of purpose.

* And it really is true that Senate Democrats have been woefully derelict in pressing the administration harder on drones.

What else?