From Budget Committee Chairwoman Patty Murray: the Senate Democratic Budget (summary here). As you might expect given the way the polling goes, the Democratic rhetoric touches on far more specific government programs in making the case for their balanced approach, compared to Rep. Paul Ryan’s extremely vague invocations of government “spending.” However, at least from the main budget document, it’s hard to evaluate the numbers because there just aren’t very many of them.

1. Matt Yglesias on the Murray budget: the virtues of boring budgeting.

2. “Help Henry Waxman write a new carbon-tax bill.” David Roberts makes his contribution.

3. It’s not about presidential style. Kevin Drum gets it: the reason Barack Obama doesn’t make a big budget deal with Republicans is because Republicans don’t want one.

4. Really good one from Ezra Klein on the Republican — and the GOP-aligned-media — obsession with White House tours.

5. I have no idea what Paul Ryan really thinks about monetary policy, fiscal policy, and inflation; let’s just say Ryan appeals to the ignorance of many on the topic. Neil Irwin corrects him.

6. Meanwhile, Michael Linden uses Ryan’s own numbers to show that “debt crisis” is hype, not reality.

7. And the “magical” numbers behind Ryan’s budget, from Matt O’Brien.

8. Less magical, but Ed Kilgore has a good point about the compromise defense funding in the House GOP budget.

9. Brad DeLong: “The Republicans went insane when Obama was elected. And Obama helped along the dysfunction when he pivoted from economic recovery to “grand deficit-reducing bargains” in the fall of 2009.”

10. Greg Koger goes deeper into John Boehner and the “Hastert Rule.” Venn diagram included.

11. Elizabeth Warren rips into Senate Republicans for their attempted nullification-by-fillibuster of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Aviva Shen reports.

12. And Barack Obama spoke with House Republicans; Dave Weigel collected the House Republican tweets.