1. Andrew Sprung wants to know: Would Barack Obama ever hold out against GOP demands, even if it meant a government shutdown? And if not — and if Republicans know it — doesn’t that mean he loses every confrontation?

2. Paul Ryan pulls his punches when it comes to his real principles, as Ed Kilgore sees it.

3. And remember: The numbers in his budget really don’t add up, as Derek Thompson explains.

4. Which explains why Ryan’s act may be wearing thin with a key constituency: the national press. Noam Scheiber thinks so and thinks he knows the reason. I’m skeptical, but we’ll see.

5. “A Serious Budget That the Serious People Won’t Take Seriously.” Dean Baker analyzes the Congressional Progressive Caucus budget.

6. Steve Benen also has some interesting thoughts on that CPC budget.

7. While Jared Bernstein makes the case for austerity … later.

8. No good news for comprehensive immigration reform out at the CPAC conservative meeting. Suzy Khimm reports.

9. Dave Weigel gives us a glimpse of what CPAC looks like.

10. Texas defunded Planned Parenthood. The early results are in, and they’re about what you would expect. Jaeah Lee investigates.

11. The two filibusters last week. Good analysis from Norm Ornstein.

12. No, the “47%” video didn’t really affect the vote in last year’s presidential election; John Sides has the numbers.

13. And what the future looked like 25 years ago.