* Paul Ryan is now the latest GOP leader to essentially confirm that there is no ratio of spending cuts to new revenues that he can accept.

Ryan joins GOP leaders John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy, who have both basically copped to the same thing — again underscoring the deep but largely unacknowledged imbalance between the two sides’ handling of our fiscal impasse.

* Steve Benen is funny on Ryan’s false assertion that Dems haven’t agreed to any spending cuts yet, and Ryan’s oddly selective memory in general.

* Ed Kilgore has been doing excellent work debunking key myths about what GOP power at the state level says about the party’s supposedly reformist tendencies and about the depth of its support among the national electorate.

* For those who care about the future of gay marriage in this country, an interesting piece of news out of New Mexico:

At a surprisingly emotional press conference today, Santa Fe Mayor David Coss and City Councilor Patti Bushee announced the introduction of a resolution that encourages the state’s county clerks to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

The argument is that New Mexico law doesn’t explicitly rule out gay marriage. The push from the city clerk doesn’t have any legal weight, and it seems one county clerk has said No Dice to the idea. But for gay rights advocates, this underscores exactly why we need a clear and sweeping SCOTUS ruling on Prop 8 — otherwise we’re condemned to years of a legal patchwork in which gay marriage will advance in fits and starts, amid haggling over the meaning of unclear state laws, even as the public is clearly ready for full marriage equality.

* Senate Dems today stripped the assault weapons ban from the gun bill. Chris Cillizza gets this right: The assault ban was never the centerpiece of Obama’s gun package — universal background checks is — and that still remains viable.

* Apt: David Firestone compares the cowardice of Senate Dems who scuttled the assault ban with the courage of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, who pushed through a politically difficult gun control package in his own state

* Jennifer Rubin gets clarity on Rand Paul and immigration: Yes, he supports a path to citizenship, but he just doesn’t want to call it that, and we must have annual Congressional votes deeming the border secure to pave the way for reform.

* Rick Klein has a good piece marveling at the extraordinary care Republicans are taking to avoid offending the right as they nudge the party towards acceptance of immigration reform — for its own good.

* It isn’t just immigration reform: As Matthew Cooper points out, a key reason for Latino estrangement from the GOP is that Hispanics favor expansive government and disagree with conservative anti-government rhetoric and ideology.

* The DCCC is out with a new Web video recapping GOP House members who embraced the Ryan plan and lost in 2012. While Dems failed to take back the House, they still believe the Ryan vision will be a major GOP albatross next cycle.

* A great point by Jonathan Bernstein: In pushing their “no budget no pay” legislation earlier this year, House GOP leaders have given rank and file Republicans a personal financial incentive to support the Ryan budget, even though some conservatives (amazingly!) don’t think it goes far enough.

* And a hearty congratulations to the excellent Steve Kornacki, who today was named the new host of MSNBC’s weekend “Up” show. Excellent hire!

.What else?