1. A bit of late news from the campaign trail: Chris Cillizza reports that Ashley Judd will not be running for Senate from Kentucky in 2014. Mitch McConnell might be disappointed that he may have to face a politician instead of a celebrity, but not as disappointed as political reporters and political junkies, who were expecting plenty of fun.

2. Before today’s court session, E.J. Graff on the cusp of history.

3. Good wrap on today’s DOMA argument at the Supreme Court from Emily Bazelon.

4. Tom Goldstein on how the California case and the DOMA case work together — or don’t.

5. And veteran court-watcher Lyle Denniston’s reaction to United States v. Windsor.

6. One more: beyond marriage, the Supremes could really strike a blow if they move to a stronger standard for justifying discrimination based on sexual orientation. Richard Socarides assesses the case.

7. Once upon a time: Liddy Dole accuses Kay Hagan of being a little too Massachusetts for the good people of North Carolina. David S. Bernstein remembers.

8. While Atrios makes a good point about Sherrod Brown, marriage, and where politicians often get it wrong.

9. James Downie hits the Obama administration for complacency on “too big to fail.”

10. Are you up to date on all the action on marijuana law changes in the works in the states? Matt Taylor rounds them up.

11. See also Abby Rapoport’s state-based roundup of drug-law reform.

12. That Heritage chart “showing” Affordable Care Act projected costs skyrocketing? Yeah, it’s junk. I went through the CBO numbers.

13. And meet Mark Kleiman: blogger, policy expert, and . . . pot czar. Abby Haglage has the interview.