1. I’ll start with some late news: Here comes cleaner gasoline, courtesy of the Obama Administration. Juliet Eilperin reports.

2. Allison Gash on the very different, but surprisingly successful, fight for the rights of gay and lesbian parents.

3. Jonathan Chait notes some good news: The Republican plan to forget their anti-gay bigotry has commenced.

4. E.J. Graff, however, remembers.

5. Political scientist Tom Clark on political context and the Court.

6. Can’t miss: Brad Plumer interviews Harold Pollack on what the Social Security Disability Insurance gets wrong — and what it gets right.

7. “A majority in the US Congress…believes that what America’s infirm economy needs is another good bleeding in the form of more rigorous austerity.” — Brad DeLong, depressed about what he calls another Depression.

8. Steve Benen gets this right: Mitch McConnell’s “secret plan” to repeal the Affordable Care Act — Republicans win in 2014 and 2016, then use reconciliation — is neither secret nor much of a plan.

9. Just how much are fossil fuels subsidized by governments? David Roberts makes the case that the latest surprising numbers still understate it.

10. A good post on the D.C. Circuit court and the general disaster with judicial nominations and confirmations, from Michael Tomasky.

11. The continued need for national voting legislation, by Ari Berman.

12. Yeah, the House and the Senate were mostly just wasting their time with the budget resolutions last week, argues Stan Collender.

13. An interesting article about how intraparty disagreement on guns — in this case, how Max Baucus is reluctant to support the Senate bill to decrease gun violence — can be personal. From Sabrina Siddiqui and Ryan Grim.

14. I agree with Kevin Drum: There sure seem to be a lot more nonsense “scandalettes” among conservatives than among liberals.

15. And Elspeth Reeve describes “in one chart” in one chart.