1. In 2013, state legislators continue to push laws that would make it harder for eligible American citizens to vote. The Brennan Center rounds up the bad — and the good — news on voting at the state legislative level.

2. Brian Beutler asks: What exactly will it take for Senate Democrats to conclude they need to revisit Senate rules?

3. Good Jared Bernstein item on the budget. Key points: The administration should not include chained CPI in the budget even if they’re willing to accept it later in a budget deal; and the administration should not accept sequestration spending levels as its baseline.

4. The path to citizenship, from Jamelle Bouie.

5. Keeping a file on sequestration effects? How about this: “Cancer clinics across the country have begun turning away thousands of Medicare patients.”  Sarah Kliff reports.

6. Also: Sequestration is “hitting medical research,” as Howard Fineman details.

7. Jonathan Chait: “Pretend GOP Urged to Adopt Imaginary Health Plan.”

8. For a more wonkish version, see Ezra Klein’s post on the National Review health care “plan.”

9. And also wonkish but important: Edwin Park clarifies just what the administration is up to on Medicare Advantage.

10. Speaking of health care: I missed this last week, and it’s good. Family and friend support, health care, and liberty: from Amy Friend, who is living through it herself.

11. Kevin Drum notes the silliest and laziest GOP excuse for attempting to defeat judges by filibuster.

12. The GOP fringe and . . . the anti-Christ. Ed Kilgore has a little fun.

13. I tried to answer Greg’s questions from this morning: For better or worse, issues rarely keep a party from winning elections.

14. And it’s virtually meaningless this early, and you shouldn’t be wasting your time on it…but if you’re a political junkie, I’ll let you know that HuffPollster has their GOP WH 2016 nomination polling chart up.