1. The best thing you are going to read today is an epic compilation by Dylan Matthews of all the reasons people say that deficits are bad — and why some are nonsense, and the rest are either questionable or do not apply under current conditions.

2. Jamelle Bouie on new research about the 2012 election and race-based voting against Barack Obama.

3. Jeff Adelson reports on a big defeat for Bobby Jindal in Louisiana, where it appears that shifting the tax burden from wealthier to poorer people isn’t as popular as Jindal had hoped.

4. The (recent) past and future of anti-gay politics, and the politicians caught in between it, by Garance Franke-Ruta.

5. Some senators may disagree, but CBPP’s Paul Van de Water reminds everyone what is wrong with “dynamic scoring.”  If what you want are larger deficits, then maybe you should embrace dynamic scoring — if you don’t care, that is, about honest numbers.

6. How a dysfunctional GOP makes for a dysfunctional government, from Paul Waldman.

7. A good example of one of the outcomes: the ridiculous “Obamaphone” flap, reported by  Jamilah King.

8. Josh Marshall wonders whether Republicans are about to reserve course on immigration, and what the costs might be for them.

9. Interesting stuff in this Brendan Nyhan interview with PolitiFact founder Bill Adair.

10. Jared Bernstein looks at the (sad) numbers on underemployment.

11. “House Republicans, who were virtually certain not to think about taking the Obama budget into consideration when they drafted their own budget last month, this week will complain loud and long about not getting the chance to ignore it earlier in the year.” Stan Collender on the late Obama budget.

12. And some good news from Robert Farley: Accidental wars rarely happen.