1. The big news this afternoon: Harry Reid sets a procedural vote to move to the gun bill for Thursday; if you missed Greg’s updates earlier, the Republican filibuster against that step has collapsed, although it’s far too soon to say what that indicates about the overall prospects for the bill in the Senate. Aaron Blake and Ed O’Keefe have the latest.

2. Jeffrey Toobin explains the high stakes for the Sri Srinivasan D.C. Circuit Court nomination and the Judiciary Committee hearing on it tomorrow.

3. And a good update from Juliet Eilperin on where things stand on judges and filibusters. Bottom line: possibly getting better, but still pretty awful. Remember that in addition to the (important) partisan element here, there’s also the simple fact of people and businesses who need the courts to function — and that doesn’t happen without judges.

4. As far as executive branch nominations are concerned, a bit of good news there, too: Sarah Kliff reports that the Senate is likely to confirm the first administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services since…wait for it…2006. Well, better late then never, I suppose.

5. More on that Oregon proposal to make voter registration automatic, from Ryan Holeywell.

6. Nate Silver on Bobby Jindal’s collapsing popularity in Louisiana.

7. What happened? At the state level, the numbers have to add up, and that put Jindal at a real disadvantage according to a nice Jonathan Chait diagnosis.

8. What usually happens to presidential budgets after they arrive on the Hill? Darla Cameron, Karen Yourish and Dylan Matthews can show you, from Truman to Obama.

9. Another one for the sequestration pain files, from Kwame Boadi.

10. Paul Krugman on “deficit derangement.” Just to remind everyone: if Krugman and other mainstream economists are correct, that sequestration pain (see previous item) is not only unnecessary, but economically counterproductive. No matter how how many times people claim otherwise.

11. Seth Masket on dysfunction, constitutional reform, and who is really responsible.

12. Political scientist Stephen Benedict Dyson on Margaret Thatcher.

13. I’m really looking forward to reading this Rich Yeselson review and essay about the New Deal and the South. Know your history, folks.

14. And, yes, still, the Obama/Kamala Harris flap: Lindy West explains it for those who still don’t quite understand what the fuss was about.