1. Sarah Kliff with an important post on the need to keep funding the implementation of the Affordable Care Act despite the active efforts of the Republican Party to undermine it.

2. Key reminder from Annie Lowrie: Social Security cuts won’t only be affecting seniors. Yes, children will be hurt, too.

3. There’s a new Secretary of the Interior: Sally Jewell, sworn into office today.

4. There’s also, as anticipated, a delay on implementing climate regulations for new power plants.

5. Bipartisanship? Well, maybe not so much. Ed Kilgore sees the new hopes for a thaw as more wishful thinking.

6. Biparitsanship? Well, maybe not so much. As Steve Benen notes, it won’t happen with “post-policy nihilism” Republicans firmly in command of their party.

7. Jared Bernstein on why liberals should spend energy on distribution, not (just) redistribution.

8. Charlie Cook with a good piece on an important topic: The rapid disappearance of swing House seats, and what it means. Remember, however, that these “solid” Democratic and Republican seats can in fact change over time, sometimes a lot quicker than one might expect.

9. Irin Carmon deflates today’s hype: No, there was no cover-up of Kermit Gosnell’s crimes, and certainly not by liberals and feminists.

10. Get ready for immigration reform with The American Prospect’s guide.

11. “The key group for guns and immigration in the House.” I go beyond the Hastert Rule.

12. Margaret Thatcher and the law, from political scientist Susan Sterett.

13. And Harry Enten downgrades the Martin O’Malley presidential boom.