Late word has it that Harry Reid will pull the gun bill down from the Senate floor prior to a final vote in order to be able to bring it back at some point in the future. We’re only a few months into this Congress … could the gun bill wind up in some future lame-duck session?  But clearly, unless sentiment changes in the Senate, the bill is dead.

1. Don’t miss Barack Obama’s strong reaction to the Senate votes. Aaron Blake has the key quotes.

2. Here’s video from the president’s comments.

3. Great Dylan Matthews interview with economist Michael Clemens on immigration: the effects on wages, the likely effects of the new bill and more.

4. Sequestration doesn’t matter? Brian Buetler collects the effects of sequestration on the national parks.

5. Sequestration doesn’t matter? Try telling that to the long-term unemployed in 11 states who may lose benefits. Travis Waldron reports.

6. Don’t miss this on a busy news day and week: 200 U.S. troops being deployed to Jordan — apparently “just in case” for Syria.

7. The reality of the Affordable Care Act: implementing Medicare changes and cost controls in one town. Promising, but with plenty of potential problems, too. Sarah Kliff reports.

8. “Here in the US, fiscal tightening—remember the sequester—is estimated to shave about 1.5% off of our growth this year.” Jared Bernstein, keeping his eyes on the important stuff.

9. Smart poll-reading by Nate Silver, who assesses Anthony Weiner’s chances for New York mayor and finds him to be a long shot.

10. More on that bipartisan torture report, from Conor Friedersdorf. Key point: “Now people who require bipartisan consensus from D.C. elder statesmen to accept a conclusion can stop regarding the torture question as unsettled and confront the fact that torture happened. It happened on George W. Bush’s watch, and ‘high officials’ were partly responsible for it.”

11. On drones: The Friends Committee on National Legislation releases a letter to the president questioning the legality of the drone war. Another issue that isn’t going to just go away.

12. Irin Carmon on the actual plot to manipulate the news on the Gosnell case. The successful one, by conservatives.

13. Kevin Drum’s answer to Greg’s question about the consequences for Republicans for being “out of touch.

14. Amy Davidson has an excellent item on “the Saudi marathon man.”

15. And the best — and worst — ways to respond to the Boston bombings, from Lindsay Beyerstein.