(David Goldman/Associated Press) (David Goldman/Associated Press)

1. Today’s big story in the liberal blogs was the FAA fix — or the FAA cave. Brian Buetler called it the way to “lose sequestration.”

2. Ezra Klein went further: he says flat-out that “The Democrats have lost on sequestration.”

3. But Jonathan Chait thinks that Barack Obama lost two years ago.

4. Others are more focused on what hasn’t been fixed: “12 Programs Congress Refuses To Save From Automatic Spending Cuts,” from Travis Waldron and Bryce Covert.

5. While Matt Yglesias argues that Congress fixed the problems of the middle-class and the rich because, well, that’s what Congress always does.

6. “With Eggman’s announcement, House Democrats now have candidates lined up in about half of the Republican-held seats that Obama also carried in 2012.” Scott Bland reports on good news for Democrats in recruiting top House candidates for the 2014 cycle. I think their chances to re-take the House are a longshot at best … but solid recruitment would be the most important way to get started on it.

7. For those of you following the fight within economics over austerity: Paul Krugman’s response to Reinhart and Rogoff seems pretty convincing to me.

8. E.J. Graff on the Boy Scouts and their decision to split the baby in two, or whatever the right metaphor might be.

9. Steve Benen has some ideas abut the Louie Gohmert flap.

10. Good Scott Lemieux post on “the bully pulpit tautoloy.”

11. If you’ve been hearing things about Europe and carbon trading and want to know the truth, David Roberts has a helpful, and optimistic, explainer for you.

12. Speaking of which: Could tax reform actually produce a carbon tax? Will Max Baucus push for one? Stephen Stromberg looks into it.

13. And does John Yoo not understand basic rights, or just not care about them? Adam Serwer is on it.