Louie Gohmert, Republican Member of the House of Representatives:

This administration has so many Muslim brotherhood members that have influence that they just are making wrong decisions for America.

You know, I hate to write about this junk; I hate the politics of condemnation (i.e. “Why haven’t you condemned this thing that someone on your side said?”).

But sometimes, it’s worth remembering that — while there’s always a lunatic fringe on both sides of the aisle — the lunatic fringe among conservatives these days is firmly planted within the Republican conference, and treated by the sane part of the party, at least in public, as a legitimate, reasonable faction. Indeed, folks such as Gohmert and Michele Bachmann (who, David Taintor reminds us, has taken this McCarthyite route too) are treated by mainstream conservatives as conservatives-in-good-standing, while anyone who deviates in the other direction is rapidly ostracized as a RINO.

Democrats really don’t treat their fringe the same way. I don’t care about condemning Gohmert — but mainstream conservatives are making a big mistake, it seems to me, by allowing themselves to be defined by the worst Republicans out there.