1. No, not the showers! Well…Gabriel Arana lets you know whether gay guys are checking you — and NBA players — out in the locker room. Excellent.

2. Really good point by Kevin Drum about analyzing what Barack Obama says vs. what he thinks: “More than likely, President Obama isn’t an idiot.” But sometimes he has to pretend to be.

3. Pretty fair analysis by Ross Douthat on the Republican health care reform efforts — and lack thereof.

4. Nate Silver tackles the electoral effects of immigration reform.

5. The latest victim of budget cuts? SpaceX. Tim Fernholz has the story. Remember, much of this is based on the know-nothing ideological hokum that government spending cannot — cannot — create jobs.

6. A less spectacular, but perhaps even more important victim of budget cuts: the sixth amendment. Scott Lemieux explain.

7. Very thoughtful piece on late-term abortions and the war over choice, from Michelle Goldberg.

8. On the environment, Brad Plumer has some good news– and why it’s not enough.

9. It’s worth debating how much of the failure to nominate judges is really the fault of Republicans and how much of it is Obama’s fault; Jennifer Bendery makes the case that the GOP is to blame.

10. No, we shouldn’t count on House Republicans to actually move ahead on tax reform. Chuck Marr explains why.

11. Seth Masket has the surprising reason why it’s good to be an incumbent.

12. And Jordan Ragusa uses the South Carolina special election between Mark Sanford and Elizabeth Colbert Busch to make some fascinating and important points about interest groups, money, politicians and representation.