1. Step right up, Delaware — marriage equality passes the state Senate there and will soon be signed into law. If you’re keeping count, that’s 11.

2. The Obama administration had a court date to explain its Plan B position to a judge today. It didn’t go well, Irin Carmon reports.

3. Pat Leahy has filed his amendment to the immigration bill to prohibit discrimination against gay and lesbian couples. Committee consideration of the bill, and amendments, is scheduled to begin later this week.

4. Jonathan Cohn follows up on Greg’s point and argues that, yes, Democratic politicians should be working hard to make sure that the Affordable Care Act succeeds, rather than just cheerleading.

5. Matt Yglesias discusses a key point about health care costs: What counts as costs to consumers isn’t the same thing, and isn’t necessarily correlated, with overall costs.

6. Brian Beutler revisits the link between health insurance and health.

7. Fair point by Andrew Sullivan: Where’s the transparency on torture and detention?

8. Abby Rapoport considers Ted Cruz and how he wins by losing.

9. Very good column by Reihan Salam on “The future of Hispanic identity.”

10. See also Jamelle Bouie on how all those claims that the United States will be majority-minority might not turn out to be true.

11. Very sensible comments on Dow 15K by Neil Irwin — why it’s okay to note “Arbitrary index hits arbitrary number.”

12. Eric Cantor’s new initiative to work on the gender gap is not apt to do Republicans much good, writes Steve Benen.

13. Remember how Newt Gingrich claimed to be giving history lessons, not lobbying, for his clients? Read Tim LaPira on “shadow” lobbyists — those who exploit loopholes in the law to avoid becoming “official” registered lobbyists.

14. And Seth Masket takes on polarization and representation.