1. Eric Holder’s Justice Department and all its upper-level vacancies; a good report from Phil Mattingly. How many more of these stories are out there? How many departments and agencies are operating without key positions filled? Once again: Both Senate reform and vetting reform are badly needed.

2. Yes, it’s a holiday here, but north of the border the Toronto mayor scandal/soap opera continues. Elizabeth Church and Jill Mahoney have the latest.

3. Speaking of Affordable Care Act implementation: Reed Abelson has a good piece on the effects of the “Cadillac Tax.”

4. While Paul Krugman highlights the promising news on the ACA from California.

5. E.J. Dionne Jr. on Barack Obama: “an anti-ideological leader in an ideological age.”

6. Jamie Malanowski argues that it’s a disgrace for U.S. military installations to be named for Confederate generals.

7. Ryan Cooper on conservative reformers.

8. Who will be the next Fed chair? Matt Yglesias argues against Larry Summers.

9. William G. Nomikos asks: Why do we hate drones?

10. And Dan Hopkins summarizes what political scientists have learned about voter reaction to natural disasters. The good news? We’re not entirely irrational about it!