1. Marc Tracy reports on Kenneth Lehrer, the online publisher taking his stills to a new “StopTheNRA” project. Gun safety legislation? Not going away.

2. The big news this afternoon on immigration was that bipartisan talks in the House seem to have shut down. Ezra Klein doesn’t think it dooms comprehensive immigration reform.

3. Neither do I.

4. But now it looks as though the talks may start up again, though with one fewer Republican.

5. Although Jonathan Chait thinks that getting Obamacare involved is a big threat. It’s a fair argument, but less of a danger if most Republicans are already going to vote against the bill either way.

6. “[T]he same thing that makes it unacceptable to the right, guarantees that it’s going to be a good deal for most people.” Matt Yglesias, on the income redistribution going on in the Affordable Care Act.

7. The heckler and FLOTUS, from Jonathan Capehart, who thinks they were both right.

8. Excellent post from Josh Barro on how the post-policy Republican Party makes Democrats foolish and makes Democratic-passed policy worse.

9 .Speaking of convoluted policy that might nevertheless work: Get deep into the details of ACA and the “submerged state” with Andrew Sprung.

10. While Michelle Andrews reports on a lawsuit to expand Obamacare.

11. “Woman has a name.” Political scientist Bahar Leventoglu on how the European Court of Human Rights found for women in Turkey.

12. Spencer Ackerman on how Susan Rice became the surprising big winner from the GOP obsession with Benghazi.

13. Can Democrats get competitive in Texas? Abby Rapoport looks into politics in the Lone Star State.

14. GOP smears on Barack Obama’s loyalty, updated (alas) by Brendan Nyhan.

15. Aaron Carroll on “incivility and health care reform.”

16. And Kevin Drum is absolutely fed up with the Republican Party.