Jan Brewer Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (Cheryl Evans/Associated Press)

1. Close to 300,000 Arizonans will have health-care coverage: Republican Gov. Jan Brewer pushed Medicaid expansion through the legislature there today. Jeffrey Young reports.

2. Why the future of “majority minority” is a lot more complex than you think; Jamelle Bouie explains.

3. House Republicans are planning a retreat on immigration in order to get their act together, according to NRO’s Jonathan Strong.

4. Ed Kilgore thinks the vote on the Grassley amendment was bad news for immigration reform. I’m not so sure, though; Republicans who eventually want to support the bill may be looking for cover by supporting amendments they know won’t pass. Who’s right? We’ll see.

5. You’re going to be hearing more about supposed Affordable Care Act “rate shocks.” Joseph Paduda has a nice explainer to guide you in figuring out if they’re real or bogus.

6. And then there’s what Kevin Drum says: Republicans really don’t care about expanding health care access.

7. Sequestration, still going on, still causing real problems: Sam Stein has Mississippi Republicans complaining about it. It’s almost as if government spending sometimes produces things that people really want!

8. Just how many attacks has the NSA prevented through controversial methods? As Spencer Ackerman reports, Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., and Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., aren’t satisfied with the agency’s answers.

9. Nate Silver on the Massachusetts Senate special election: “Ed Markey’s probably a 90% or maybe even 95% favorite in the #MASEN special. Not really all that interesting a race.”

10. Brad Plumer on Rich Yeselson’s essay about the past and future of unions.

11. Lots of things to dig into in the new Pew survey of LGBT Americans, including the reason for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act that Greg wrote about earlier today: one in five believes he has faced discrimination in the workplace.

12. Sarah Binder on obstruction and judicial nominations.

13. Which I wrote about, too.

14. And Marco Rubio makes it clear exactly where his priorities are, as Steve Benen notices.