Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) at the Road to the Majority conference. (Charles Dharapak/Assocdiated Press) Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) at the Faith and Freedom Coalition “Road to Majority” conference.  (Charles Dharapak/Assocdiated Press)

1. Did you miss the big GOP WH 2016 event this week? Sarah Posner didn’t; she’s all over what happened at the big Ralph Reed confab. Preview: not a lot of rebranding.

2. Is Arizona’s Republican Governor Jan Brewer a new liberal hero? Ed Kilgore examines Medicaid expansion in the Grand Canyon State.

3. Steve Benen on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act gaining momentum.

4. “[E]conomic history clearly shows that there is no correlation between low taxes on the wealthy and high growth rates for the country.” Don’t miss this terrific essay from Neera Tanden about the failures of supply-side economics — and the policy implications of getting beyond it.

5. Speaking of crackpot Republican economic theories: the International Monetary Fund says that the US economy is improving, but austerity is holding it back. Seriously: It’s worth realizing that, right or wrong, it’s the slash-deficits-now crowd that’s on the fringes of mainstream economics, not the Keynesians.

6. How Elijah Cummings is forcing the truth out of Darrell Issa’s fantasies on the IRS story, from Michael Tomasky

7. House Republicans shoot down Democratic amendments to this year’s defense authorization bill — never mind that those Republicans are taking the big-government, high-spending side of the fight. Andrew Rosenthal reports.

8. While Kevin Drum has a theory about why people just might not trust their government all the time. I don’t know; it seems to me that the word “Iraq” should figure more prominently in this discussion.

9. Fair question for Barack Obama from John Bellinger: where are those Gitmo envoy(s) that the president promised a few weeks back? 

10. Here’s one you didn’t know: Robyn Thomas and Juliet Leftwich report on tougher state gun laws in the months since the Newtown shooting.

11. Igor Volsky corrects yet another news story that buys the hype of Affordable Care Act implementation disasters.

12. A realist explanation of the Obama Administrations moves on Syria, from Dan Drezner.

13. But Dan Larison thinks that the administration is just surrendering to bullying hawks.

14. While Stephanie Gaskell reports that this isn’t an intervention the Department of Defense has been seeking.

15. And a great look back by Aaron Carroll (via Krugman) collecting predictions of doom from the 1960s about Medicaid. Didn’t happen then; most likely, it’s not going to happen now.