1. If you want to understand the “Hastert Rule” and the choices facing House Republicans and John Boehner, then you definitely should be reading Sarah Binder’s excellent commentary.

2. Always fascinating: the latest Kaiser health care tracking poll.

3. Georgia politics? You’ll want Ed Kilgore, who today talked about what’s going on in the “conservative petri dish.” Unreal.

4. Which drives Steve Benen to ask: are some Republicans trying to make the gender gap larger?

5. Speculation and rumors about the upcoming Supreme Court decision on the Defense of Marriage Act, from Adam Winkler.

6. While Matthew Cooper explains how getting what they want from SCOTUS on the Voting Right Act could prove complicated for Republicans than they expect.

7. Good analysis of exactly what’s happening with Barack Obama’s approval rating, from Mark Blumenthal and Ariel Edwards-Levy. He’s down a bit. Nothing much, but down a bit.

8. Great reporting by David Dayen, who exposes malfeasance from Bank of America.

9. Everything you want to know about the Federal Reserve’s latest meeting and Ben Bernanke’s press conference, from Neil Irwin.

10. Matt Yglesias on today’s Fed (in)actions. Remember: this stuff is important!

11. Kevin Drum gives Darrell Issa a “chutzpah” award. Is it chutzpah, or is it lazy mendacity?

12. Justice Thomas’s originalism assessed on its own terms and found badly wanting by Joey Fishkin. Exactly right. Arguing that original intent is reasonable, but all the original intent has to matter — and that includes the drafters and ratifiers of the Amendments, at the very least.

13. And expert Obama-listener Andrew Sprung thinks he hears why this president has been resistant to quagmires.