Anti-government protests in Instanbul. (Baris Acarli/Getty Images) No. 6: Anti-government protests in Instanbul. (Baris Acarli/Getty Images)

1. Today’s must-read: Harold Pollack on “The complacency of the meritocrats.” Excellent.

2. Ezra Klein writes about income inequality and what the debate over inequality is missing.

3. How Harry Reid is trying to save the National Institutes of Health from Sam Stein. Important to remember: Sequestration is ongoing, and the effects increase over time. It’s not the headlines now, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a major story anyway.

4. Or maybe the Republican House will change course and start spending real money on infrastructure? Steven Benen listens to the speaker’s wistful comments about the Hoover Dam and wishes Boehner would put some money where his mouth is.

5. Republican legislators in Michigan block Medicaid expansion for now, even as their Republican governor urges them to put the state’s well-being over partisan campaigning. Jeffrey Young has the story.

6. Matthew Duss reports from Istanbul on the troubles in Turkey.

7. The very good reasons the Supreme Court moves slowly, from Rick Hasen.

8. Meanwhile, Scott Lemieux looks at the business-always court and its American Express decision.

9. Interesting: Some pushback against Rand Paul, from Ramesh Ponnuru. We don’t really know whether Republican Party actors will accept Paul as a mainstream conservative or not going into 2016; it’s worth collecting all the hints and clues we can get.

10. Or they can just pick on political scientists: Jennifer Bendery reports on the Mitch McConnell/Norm Ornstein confrontation at AEI today. To be fair, Ornstein has been quite explicit about just how dysfunctional the current group of congressional Republicans has been. It doesn’t make him a “far-left guy,” though.

11. Gabriel Arana on Alan Chambers: “In politics there is no absolution.”

12. And Sarah Blustain on sexism in the newsroom.