The Supreme Court (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Just to remind you: There’s an election today — an important one, even if (assuming the polling is correct) the outcome is not in much doubt, with Democrat Ed Markey the overwhelming favorite to win John Kerry’s old Senate seat. Polls close at 8 p.m.

1. Speaking of which, don’t miss a very nice profile of short-term interim Sen. Mo Cowan by Ed O’Keefe.

2. On to today’s big news. Jamelle Bouie: “By striking down Section 4 of the [Voting Rights Act] and ignoring the clear words of the Fifteenth Amendment, Roberts is elevating white America’s racial fatigue into constitutional law.

3. While Scott Lemieux sees it as part of “the Supreme Court’s war on the Great Society.”

4. Adam Serwer focuses on Chief Justice John Roberts, and his skill at finding ways to get the result he wants without the kind of language that his allies just can’t seem to avoid.

5. “What the Supreme Court doesn’t understand about the Voting Rights Act,” from Ari Berman.

6. While Dylan Matthews runs through several of the options available to Congress and the courts in the path forward from today’s decision.

7. As far as the practical effects: David Wasserman notes that it probably won’t mean a lot in terms of how district lines are drawn for the House.

8. Or, as Nate Silver puts is: “Geography, Not Voting Rights Act, Accounts for Most Majority-Minority Districts.”

9. Granted — as Adam Serwer corrects him, “I think what @fivethirtyeight means when he says “geography” is “segregation” but still well argued.

10. Could Congress act? Eric Cantor, late this afternoon, called for a “responsible path forward that ensures that the sacred obligation of voting in this country remains protected.” We’ll have to see what that actually means, but it’s something. Sahil Kapur reports.

11. Meanwhile, Steve Benen has an excellent and comprehensive look at Barack Obama’s climate speech and some of the reactions, including Al Gore’s comment that “This was a terrific and historic speech, by far the best address on climate by any president ever.”

12. In other news, watch: Democrat Wendy Davis is staging a live filibuster in the Texas legislature against proposed new abortion restrictions there.

13. For an explanation, see Abby Rapoport’s story on the Texas abortion fight.

14. Via Sides, Ryan Lizza live-tweets a member of the House doing what members of the House do: dialing for dollars.

15. Which got me thinking about campaign finance reform, and whether politicians can ever be satisfied with how much money they raise.

16. More on that collapsing IRS scandal story from Garance Franke-Ruta: what’s up with that inspector general, anyway?

17. And looking ahead: Rich Yeselson on new threats to labor coming in the Supreme Court’s next term.