1. I’ll start with a great weekend read: E.J. Graff on her own history as, now, a legally married woman.

2. There’s news, too: Marriage equality returns to California, as the courts process the Supreme Court decisions.

3. Also: “Gay people living in nursing homes will have the same guaranteed access to their partners and spouses as gay patients in hospitals receiving Medicare and Medicaid.” New HHS policy, reported by Chris Johnson.

4. And Patrick Egan looks at the polling on “the emerging marriage majority.

5. You know which network (correctly) treated President Obama’s climate speech as a major event? The Weather Channel. Jonathan Cohn ponders why they get it, but House Speaker John Boehner doesn’t.

6. Yesterday there was a lot of interest in passing immigration reform by using a procedure in the House that allows a majority to force a bill to the floor over the objections of party leaders. Brian Beutler argues that it won’t happen because if immigration passes Republicans will want to share the credit.

7. I’m not sure about that — they may just want to make the issue go away, even if Democrats get the credit. But there’s another reason discharge petitions don’t happen. They undermine the biggest weapon the majority party owns: control of the floor. Don’t expect Republicans to give that up.

8. And then there’s Kevin Drum’s reasoning: getting the bill done by discharge petition shows more capacity for complex coordination than House Republicans have demonstrated to date.

9. The latest on executive branch appointments — and that Barack Obama isn’t expected to make any recess appointments over July 4th. From Jennifer Bendery.

10. Matt Yglesias on a major public policy error during the recession for which we’ll be suffering years from now.

11. Nicholas Barnes reports on the protests in Brazil.

12. And today’s blog fight between Paul Krugman, Josh Barro, and someone who really isn’t up to debating with those two, nicely summarized by Ed Kilgore. Fun.