Fireworks Soldiers watch fireworks at Fort Bragg in 2007. (Steve Hebert/The Fayetteville Observer)

I really don’t have much for you about the events in Egypt — but Max Fisher suggests seven people to follow on twitter to keep up with the news.

Wishing everyone a terrific Fourth of July:

1. Excellent piece by Jamelle Bouie on the long-term fight for the franchise in the wake of the Voting Rights Act court decision. Read for the Fourth of July!

2. A lot of useful information and good analysis on the employer mandate delay. Let’s start with the basics: Is it legal? Law professor Nicholas Bagley says, yes, it appears that it is, and, at any rate, no one is likely able to take the administration to court over it.

3. Meanwhile, Linda J. Blumberg, John Holahan and Judy Feder explain that the employer mandate isn’t really a key part of the exchange and subsidy core of expanded coverage.

4. Indeed: Affordable Care Act supporter Matt Yglesias basically thinks this part of it is a bad idea and that it could be eliminated if only Republicans were willing to improve, instead of undermine, Obamacare.

5. And Jonathan Chait notes that this is another example of Republicans not actually understanding what the ACA does.

6. Or, if you just want an overview, Jonathan Cohn has it covered.

7. Republicans are trying to finesse complaints about opposition to immigration reform at their town hall meetings, Dave Weigel reports, by supporting feel-good exceptions.

8. “Why the ‘War on Coal’ Campaign Will Likely Fall Flat — Again.” Coral Davenport on the latest Republican campaign idea.

9. The Economic Policy Institute has a new Family Budget Calculator which “measures the income a family needs in order to attain a secure yet modest living standard.”

10. Andrew Gelman on “blue-collar whites” and Republicans: “In most groups of the population — especially the more conservative and Republican groups — richer people are more conservative.”

11. Dave Wiltse talks invisible primary.

12. And, why not: Neil Irwin has all you need to know about fireworks.