1. On the jobs report: Jared Bernstein is cautiously optimistic, but wants the Fed to keep pumping away: it’s far too early for them to ease off.

2. Neil Irwin liked the jobs report, but not the market reaction.

3. Sarah Kliff investigates one possible future for health insurance. Important.

4. Political scientist David Karol makes the case for limiting Supreme Court Justice terms.

5. Very nice Ed Kilgore post on Martin O’Malley and what makes a good presidential candidate.

6. How the defeat of Robert Bork (and the 1986 elections) matter today, from Scott Lemieux.

7. Harry Enten argues that Wendy Davis has no real chance to be Texas governor.

8. Over at the Fix, Chris Cillizza and Paul Kane consider John Boehner.

9. The United States is unusual in turnout patterns across the income scale. Joshua Tucker with the latest data.

10. Jon Lee Anderson on the “unfulfilled revolution” in Egypt.

11. While David Emont reports from Cairo.

12. And David Atkins lets David Brooks have it.