* House Republicans plan to capitalize on the Obamacare employer mandate delay by forcing Dems to vote on it — and then force a vote on delaying the individual mandate, too. Note that Republicans are accusing the Obama administration of being too pro-business.

* Must-read from Paul Krugman on how the Republican agenda of downsizing the safety net would directly impact those downscale white voters that are central to the emerging GOP “win over more whites” theory of GOP reform.

* Ruy Teixeira and Alan Abramowitz dismantle the “missing whites” canard at the center of the “win over more whites” theory.

* Ed Kilgore on the deeper underlying facets of the conservative movement at the core of the “win over more whites” strategy.

* Jennifer Rubin has a nice piece skewering 10 silly conservative arguments against immigration reform.

* Could the fact that the GOP’s post-policy nihilism is gaining wider media attention make a difference? Jonathan Bernstein notes one way it could — by persuading GOP-aligned interest groups it is no longer working for them.

* Also don’t miss Digby on the growing media recognition of the “thuggery” of Republicans’ post-policy nihilism. A taste:

They have been doing this stuff for quite a while now. It’s just that the establishment refused to believe what they were seeing with their own eyes.

* Atrios with a succinct explanation for the establishment’s failure to come to terms with the reality of GOP post-policy nihilism.

* David Firestone on the real game plan behind the attacks on Obamacare: Take advantage of public ignorance about the law to spread more misinformation and confusion, solely to sabotage implementation.

* Jared Bernstein marshals the data to show that, yes, the sequester cuts really are hurting the economy. Oh, and the deficit continues to fall, too.

* Will Harry Reid and Democrats finally hit the filibuster nuke button? They are set to make their decision on Thursday, though it’s still unclear whether Dems have the votes for it.

* Jed Lewison on the moment in which John Boehner took full ownership of the failure (should it happen) of immigration reform.

* Matt Taylor details the progressive case against Cory Booker, and lets him respond to it.

* And the chart of the day: Try denying global warming after looking at this one.

What else?