1. Today’s must-read: the broken executive-branch nomination process. It’s not just filibusters on the the Senate floor, so last week’s showdown isn’t going to be enough to fix it. George Condon’s excellent reporting has what’s gone wrong and why it matters.

2. Congressional scholar Sarah Binder on the Senate showdown: “We’ve learned a bit more this week about the conditions under which the nuclear option will be politically feasible.”

3. Also, filibuster scholar Greg Koger on the Senate showdown: Four wrong reasons and two good ones for why Democrats accepted the deal.

4. Fernando Espuelas lights into House Speaker John Boehner on his obstruction on immigration. Espuelas — a popular talk show host on Univision — is part of a strong trend of Spanish-language media holding Boehner personally responsible for the fate of comprehensive immigration reform. Interesting.

5. Luis Gutierrez, one of the members of the House working on a bipartisan immigration bill, talks to Dylan Matthews about what’s in that bill and about the possibility of a way forward for comprehensive reform in the House.

6. Really good one from Nate Cohn on the actual facts of how voter ID laws affect turnout. You may be surprised.

7. “What sabotage governing looks like” — Steve Benen on Republicans and the Affordable Care Act.

8. Two important reports from Sarah Kliff on how Obamacare implementation is actually going. First: why one cost-cutting initiative is running into trouble.

9. Another from Kliff: the stars who are going to help tell people about Obamacare.

10. See also Margot Sanger-Katz reporting on how we got here: the causes and effects of fee-for-service medical care. 

11. “No, President Obama Didn’t Support a ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law in Illinois.” David Weigel corrects the conservative phony talking point.

12. National Review’s Robert Costa reports on Ted Cruz and Rand Paul in Iowa. Yes, it’s early, but that doesn’t mean WH 2016 hasn’t started.

13. Another important one: Suzy Khimm reports on reformers who are trying to remove obstacles in the way of ex-felons trying to get their lives in shape.

14. Ed Kilgore surveys different types of conservative challenges to sitting Republicans.

15. More details about how the IRS was, yes, looking carefully at liberal groups as well as conservative ones when those groups applied for special tax status. David Nather reports on what has totally collapsed as a presidential scandal.

16. Yes, Barack Obama’s approval ratings continued to slip a bit in the last three months; Gallup has the numbers, and (more fun) the historical comparisons. He continues to track George W. Bush, as he has for over a year now. If that’s true six months from now, it would be bad news indeed, but it would probably take some very bad news for that to happen.

17. And Alex Seitz-Wald on the pathetic conservative marketplace.